Are Your Drums Missing The Old School Vintage Vibes? Here’s An Easy Workout For That

With the current state of music where most of the things are now electronic, digitally processed and most of the time the whole operation is done in the box it’s hard to get that real old school vibe in your track. Yes, you can add a vinyl background sound to your track.

but ask yourself,
“is it actually doing good? Or does it sound just like a gimmick? Does it actually fit?”

Most of the time your answer will be A BIG NO because that noise won’t make other elements fit according to it.

Well, worry not, because That Thing is here to take care of that.



That Thing is a multi-effect old school soundscape processor which doesn’t only emulate the noise and the feel correctly, but it actually makes your sample fit according to the vibe you’re going for. This indeed is a magical processor which and also holds a really powerful Chorus module which doesn’t only sound good in stereo but perfectly balanced in mono too.


This is what it comes with:

Chorus section
Filter section
Preset selector
Noise selector
Bit-rate selector
Info & Other section (Click the BeatSkillz logo)


Thinking about what it can do??  Well, it can be used to process just about anything and everything that comes to your mind be it Vocals, Synths, Drums etc.

With so many presets at your disposal, the amount of textures you can add to a sound is just endless and with the addition of Lowpass and Highpass filters, That Thing makes it that much easier to control the whole effect. Not only this, but you can also add your own samples and use those as custom noises. Pretty cool, eh??

Why not give it a try really quick? Download the FREE trial from Here: DOWNLOAD



We have a super cool video on it too, don’t forget to check that out below:


Now, that we have got your all introduced to this one monster of a plugin, let’s hear what it actually can do!


1. This is what happens to a sample with default That Thing settings:

Listen to how this loop just comes to life once it comes in contact with That Thing. Yes, it is that easy. That Thing: Making your samples comes to life, one instance at a time!

Without That Thing:-

With That Thing:-


2. Want that soft glitch on your drums?? This is what That Thing can do:

Must be wondering what kind of sorcery is this? Well yeah, you can say that because all I did was use one of the preset that comes with That Thing. This preset gave the loop a solid vibe for the track to be built upon!

Without That Thing:-

With That Thing:-


3. Craving for some washed out vinyl like sample?? That Thing has you covered!

All we did was reduced the bit rate and added some Vinyl noise to the sample and boom, that’s it. You don’t even have to do anything else!

Without That Thing:-

With That Thing:-


Impressed? we definitely sure, you are!

Everything that you need to add those old-school feels to your sample/track is given to you all in one place in BeatSkillz That Thing. This definitely will be a good addition to your arsenal of plugins and can become your goto sample manipulation and soundscape plugin.


Want to try out That Thing on your system now? You can get to know the system requirements & Download/Buy the software by clicking here.

Happy Producing!

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