Kindly try to reset the Home permission by following these steps (For MAC Users),

Close your DAW,

Open Utilities

Load terminal

Type the Code:
diskutil resetUserPermissions / `id -u`


Send us your purchase receipt screenshot and the serial key of the plugin, and our support team will create a new account for you and will add latest updates links in your account’s download section.

Beatfactory Drums plugin is currently discontinued.

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Kindly send us a copy of purchase receipt to our support team and we will send you the extracted installers/Files,

Or Kindly follow this link to resolve these issues


Kindly send us the screenshot of the purchase receipt at support@beatskillz.com, and our support team will create a new account for you.

Kindly install the the stereo version of the plugin or if you want to use the multi-output version then you must create multi-channel outputs in your DAW ( Kindly refer to your DAW manual on how to create a multi-channel output.

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