Refund Policy

If you have an issue with our product, tell us, and we will try to correct the problem. You can contact our support team at If we can’t correct the problem and if the problem is arising on our system as well, and you choose to return the product, we will refund your money without giving you a hassle.

** NO REFUNDS REQUESTS WILL BE ACCEPTED IF YOU CONTACT US AFTER 15 DAYS FROM THE PURCHASE DATE, We believe that 15 days are enough to test the plugin on your system, we are not responsible if for any reason you are not able to install the plugins correctly on your system, or failed to contact our support for help. ( We have provided the steps to install the Plugins on the product page and the compatibility settings )

** We have issued clear instructions on installing our software, the hardware and software requirements have been clearly stated for this product. No refunds shall be issued if the user/customer fails to follow instructions or has system permissions issues on their computer.

Beatskillz does not refund for the following products:

  • Where there is a demo trial available. At Beatskillz, we will offer trial versions for products when available, with the sole purpose of allowing customers to try before they buy. We strongly encourage customers to install these trial versions if they are available to ensure they will work on their system prior to purchasing.
  • Where the serial has been registered/activated, the product has been used and is displaying no signs of a technical fault on our systems. At Beatskillz, we sell a range of different products with varying registration/activation methods. Once the product has been registered, activated or if downloading has commenced, you will not be able to receive a refund under any circumstances (unless the product is faulty or not fit for use, in which case you have the right to have your product repaired or replaced). Fully functioning products where no license is required are also non-refundable. For example Virtual Instruments.
  • At Beatskillz, we clearly state on all our product pages the relevant information, in regards to a product’s system requirements. Plugin version along with OS Details are indicated on the product page. Customers bear the responsibility to have the correct knowledge of the minimum product system requirements.
  • Individual products that have been purchased within a Bundle+ product. Any products purchased within a Bundle+ cannot be refunded individually.

Customers are also advised to note:

This refund policy is subject to and should be read in conjunction with the Website Terms and Conditions.

If you believe that you qualify for a refund, please email with the following information:

  • Your order number and your Beatskillz registered email address.
  • A brief description of which system and DAW – and the exact version you are using (eg. OS X, Version 10.11.6/ Logic X)
  • A reason for your refund request. If the issue is technical, we require a description of the problem and screenshots, if possible.