Who are we?

We are an audio software company making cutting edge processing plugins and virtual instruments for the modern music producer. We pride ourselves in making great sounding, great looking and inspiring audio tools.

Our goal is to make the music creation and sound production process, easy.

With our powerful plugin, producers can get pro results without complex plugins, pages or the need for infinite parameters to tweak. Our products are so easy to use that the user can load and start using them at an instant.

Team Behind Beatskillz

Beatskillz is owned and headed by Award Winning Composer & Music Producer, Gaurav Dayal. The team consists of talented Software Engineers, GUI Designers, support and marketing team dedicated to make the music making experience great for our customers.

The parent company of Beatskillz is Beatfactory Academy, which is one of the top Music Production and Sound Engineering Schools in the world:

Visit Us at : www.beatfactory.in

Pensado’s Place episode with

“Gaurav Dayal”

Here is the episode of Pensado’s Place where Grammy Winner Dave Pensado interviews Gaurav Dayal from Beatfactpry Academy. Gaurav also shows how he records and mixes Indian Percussion. This is part 1 of a 2 part interview.


“Gaurav Dayal”

Won the Pensado award for best international song – 2015

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