“Great sounding tool, easy to use, self explaining, I think this is a cool tool for the pro’s but also very helpful for the producers who just started and need that extra punch on their next track. Thumbs up.”

Roger ShahComposer/ Producer/Remixer

“Valvesque is my new go-to plugin for that Classic British Tone! Deep Saturation/Distortion coupled with a great EQ section. wonderful classic sound re-imagined!! Every Producer should have Valvesque in his tool box ! & the price is a no-brainer too !!!”

Scott YahneyProducer - NY

“Beatskillz has the sound and the approach that we immediately connected with; instant inspiration and unexpected gratification. We are incredibly happy that G & Co. have come into our creative world. Thank you, sir!”

Kirke Jan BlankenshipAcademyCurve® Music

let me just say, I don’t know what you have in “SLAM PRO” but I can’t stop using it. It’s got the “magic sauce” I need for all of my mixes. What a great mastering plugin, LOVE IT !!!!

Scott YahneyProducer - NY

Max1 – “I LIKE THAT DUDE! sounds better than my maximizer on ozone! i did a comparison. no contest”

Terrance Johnson(T-bone Beats) HipHop/ Rap Producer

For a long time, I was looking for a plugin which can be used with all the elements for my track. After working with almost all the digital compressors available in the market, at the moment, I can’t deny that some of them are really great emulations, but using and learning them can be a really difficult chore. Bounce makes it effortless to use compression on any element of the track or even the whole track!

Producer Spot

The interface is beautiful, in black with analog rack feeling, very nice to use on a stereo track or on the main mix. The good side of not having a chain order to play with is the hardware feeling as a rack with immediate controls

Producer Spot

Simple, fun and effective. Slam Pro isn’t the most precise tool, but it gets highly useable results.

Attack MAG

Slam Dawg is far from ideal for mastering, but it offers more than enough to earn a place in your mixing plugins folder.

Music Radar

If you are looking for great sounding “Synthwave Drums”, this plugin is for you. I’ve been searching for something like this for so long. I now use this for writing and recording. It’s really awesome. Thanks Beatskillz!

Sonic Hz

Just Purchased a day ago. Great Drums!!


I had the pleasure of running it with Ableton yesterday and was very impressed with the sample sets and as well as the 808.

Jacob BrodyReverb.com

That plugin is really great. A little tricky to dial in the sweetspot but it worth fiddling around. I had great results with a lot of diffrent sources. It reacts similar to my JHS Colour Box. Diffrent distortion stages who work diffrent to eq an input settings. I was very close to by a saturator nt-02A But know i don’t have to spend that much money And I can used it on diffrent sources in the same time. I think 99$ are fair. I know u put a lot of work into your plugins. But I think to compete with the companies like slate you have to attract the peopel with prices around 75 dollars. Nevermind its worth every penny. I boughtnit after 20minutes. I you want some comments on improvments from a user point don’t hesitate just write. Saludos Fernando and keep up the good work.

Fernando Lopez

I recently bought Reelight and it is a very nice plugin to warm up a digital synth.


I have bought Retro Hit. I think it is a very nice 80s drum machine.

Hakan Hannu

I have many plugins (UAD WAVES SONNOX BX SOFTUBE…and etc.) but I feel good impression for your plugins!

Jaejyun Ha

Brilliant! Thanks so much!

Great plugin BTW, have been using it on loads of my tracks and will continue to do so.

Matt Thomas

I’m really pleased with your work on the plugin Max 1. Ever since I tried it out, I can’t seem to stop using it. In fact it is already placed in my master chain template!

Ricardo Carva

I am a big fan of your plugins for a while now and I always loved the quality of them. I’ve read articles, seen video reviews and heard people talk about one plugin in particular, and that’s Slam Pro! I love it so much much.

Kelvin Glover

you have some really beautiful looking Plugins! Your Valve EQ looks and sounds great from what I saw in the video.


Great plugin at first I said this is nonsense, now I love it, I’m trying to compare it to k clip etc and it is holding its own.


I came across your slam pro plugin, looks very effective and easy to use.


I love drop x. it’s such a helpful tool.

Spencer J Henderson

I am really getting into synth wave thanks too your plugin.

Adam Clough

Just purchased this plugin and I must say this was the missing piece to the puzzle. I had a lot of my beats sequenced with the sounds I wanted but I just couldn’t seem to get em to sound good and professional. Slam Dawg did it. Slam Dawg is the truth.

Omar Morris

I’m a fan of your products,I bought That Thing and use it fatefully.

Mel Chaos Lewisproduced records for The Roots,Black Eyed Peas,Fergie,Macy Grey,Jaden Smith & Alessia Cara

Big ups for your products from Munich/Germany!

I am a multi platinum grammy multi Grammy nominated record producer who purchased Slam Dawg less than Two weeks ago.  I LOVE IT!!!! I’m using it on all my new projects and remastering old ones…..
I have told many producers about this powerful plugin.
Doctah B Sirius AKA Courtney Branch

I purchased Retro Hit earlier today and just wanted to say it’s a great-sounding product!

Andy Huckvale

Besides Breakdrums I also have Retrohit and Retrokz and I really like the sound of them. Your idea to capture the 80s era is just right on spot and I love the sounds and the demos you make. Your plugin niche for the 80s era is like a missing link for 80s music when capturing that pop and funky sound from that decade.

Hans Christian Fürstenheim

Would like to say that I really like whats going on being the skin of this plugin . And as a mastering engineer I love the eq curves and really want to start using this plugin big time.

R Jackman

You make amazing plugins and the free give away of Max1 is so kind of you.
I tried it out and it’s very, very good !

Rob Van Hees
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