“Beatskillz has the sound and the approach that we immediately connected with; instant inspiration and unexpected gratification. We are incredibly happy that G & Co. have come into our creative world. Thank you, sir!”

Kirke Jan Blankenship
Kirke Jan Blankenship AcademyCurve® Music

“Great sounding tool, easy to use, self explaining, I think this is a cool tool for the pro’s but also very helpful for the producers who just started and need that extra punch on their next track. Thumbs up.”

Roger Shah
Roger ShahComposer/ Producer/Remixer - Armin Van Buuren, Armada, Black Hole, Anjunabeats, Magic Island

“Valvesque is my new go-to plugin for that Classic British Tone! Deep Saturation/Distortion coupled with a great EQ section. wonderful classic sound re-imagined!! Every Producer should have Valvesque in his tool box ! & the price is a no-brainer too !!!”

Scott Yahney
Scott YahneyProducer - NY

Max1 – “I LIKE THAT DUDE! sounds better than my maximizer on ozone! i did a comparison. no contest”

Terrance Johnson(T-bone Beats) HipHop/ Rap Producer