Slam Dawg Is Here To Give Your Mixes A Godly Slam

Want to take your beats and even the whole mix to another level?? Well, seems like you’ve come to the right place & Slam Dawg is here to take care for that!. What It is, is essentially an audio fattening plugin that doesn’t only bring out the harmonics but also focuses on controlling and leveling them.


This sure is a one-stop plugin for taking that initial idea to whole another level. Not only that, but this sweet little thing also comes packed with some sneaky presets which can help sprinkle that magic all over your mix!




You can always download the Free trial of Slam Dawg anytime from here: DOWNLOAD



We have a really nice overview video for the plugin up on your YouTube too, don’t forget to check that out below:


Slam Dawg is easy to use and the straightforward controls are what help set itself apart from the competition! It’s been carefully designed to give, you the user, a nice time using it & also get some PHAT results!


It has many features but some that really makes it a user-friendly plugin are:


  • The separate Dry/Wet sliders so you can manually adjust both the signals and find the perfect balance.
  • You can immediately add some heaviness to your loop/ kick drums using the Thump & Boom knobs.
  • There also is an option to add some soft yet powerful saturation using the Heat knob.
  • Want to push the whole mix?? Worry not as Crush & Pop knobs is here for that.


So, basically the possibilities with Slam Dawg are just endless & whatever you need to make the mixed fat, it’s just a twist of a knob away!

After all this, we’re pretty sure you’re producer senses must be tingling to hear what it can do, well, here are some examples:


The default setting is enough to push anything 😉


Just hear what happens to the loop, before and after it passes through Slam Dawg. Safe to say, our good ol’ Slam Dawg made sure that the kick is heavy enough, it pushes you right in the face.


Without Slam Dawg:

With Slam Dawg:



Carefully designed presets to add YOUR touch to any loop!


Sometimes you want to give a loop a different taste but who’s got time to make chains upon chains of audio effects. Listen below what we were able to do to this loop with just a preset:


Without Slam Dawg:

With Slam Dawg:



Gone are the days of multiple audio effect racks. Try it for yourself and see what you can achieve with this sweet little monster.
You can get to know More about this and even Buy/Download the Trial from here.

Do let us know what you were able to do with this!

Happy Producing!

and BTW Did you checked out SLAM PRO yet? 😉

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